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Assisted Living

At Evergreen Life Care Homes, we aim to provide well-designed and well maintained living apartments. We assist in serving and fulfilling the basic needs of senior citizens and elderly individuals. Our team of professional caregivers offers you the best service whether you are staying for a long term, for a year-round, or for a short period. We offer personalized care to your loved ones, from taking care of their meals to timely medication. With our intimate residential care service, your family members will receive personal level attention and support from our experienced team of caregivers.

Memory Care

Evergreen Life Care Homes offers customized dementia care services with the help of a professional leading specialist in the industry who works up on the loss of intellectual functioning by processing the treatment procedures. Our experienced staff help you with the service by providing customized care plans to ensure the patients and their families get satisfying results, adding to happy and fulfilling lives. We also offer the patient to select their caregiver who will assist them that best suits fulfilling the specific needs. Your closed ones are safe and secure in our homestay service.
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Alzheimer's Care

Evergreen Life Care Homes offers specialized care services for senior citizens and elderly individuals who are suffering from the symptoms of Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s or related diseases. Our professionally skilled caregivers offer the best services to relieve the tension that is faced by the patients. The caregivers are responsible for fulfilling the patient’s basic needs and making them healthy on a physical and mental level. Additionally, Evergreen has also initiated certified programs related to Dementia with leading skilled specialists who are professionals in Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s and Dementia care.

Palliative Care

Evergreen Life Care Homes works collaboratively with healthcare leaders to offer Palliative care services. It is a specialized medical care service to offers personalized care for patients with serious illnesses. It aims to provide relief from symptoms like stress and hypertension. Our service aims to improve the quality of life of the patients who come to our life care homes. Our team of professional caregivers are specially trained doctors, nurses, and other specialists who team up with the patient’s existing doctors.

Short-Term Stay

Evergreen Life Care Homes offers short-term stay facility or respite stay options to the elderly and senior citizens who are in need. We help individuals in situations like temporary separation from their loved ones due to planned or drastic circumstances. Our home care stays are facilitated with modern technologies and resources to satisfy the individual’s needs and demands. We offer emergency care service and give the family members peace of mind by assuring them that their loved ones are in safe hands with comfortable facilities while they are away for different purposes like business trips, vacations, or need a short break from taking care of their elderly member.

Hospice Care

Evergreen Life Care Homes has a skilled team that provides Hospice care to enhance the quality of life of the patient. By providing compassionate care and support, we ensure that the patient gets a friendly and comfortable environment in our homestay. We offer customized treatments and services that are beneficial for the patients and their close ones to navigate and feel secure in the difficult journey of their lives. We will never let you feel suffering alone, as we are responsible for reducing your pain and maximizing moments of joy.

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At Evergreen Life Care Homes, we pride ourselves on offering a warm and nurturing environment for the elderly.

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